For older people

Tailor made services from people who care, always on
hand so that you feel confident and safe
A helping hand to keep on top of the day to day
and reassurance to carers and family members when they aren't close by
Everyday help for you

Our Housekeepers assist people to do the things they want and to live life to the full. We aim to always provide you with the same assistant, who you can call upon whenever you need them.

Simply choose from the following services:
Domestic tasks 

We'll keep on top of the everyday housework around your home, dusting, vacuuming, ironing, bed-making etc.

Healthy and nutritious meals 

We can also help with meal preparation, or provide healthy and nutritious meals, taking into account your individual preferences and any dietary requirements.


Sometimes it’s difficult to get out to the shops, particularly in the cold weather or if you’re feeling a little off-colour. We can either take you shopping, or take your shopping list and do it for you.

Home & garden maintenance 

Home maintenance can be tricky, especially if you live alone. We can help you to make sure that everything is working properly; changing light bulbs, small repairs, decorating etc. Why not let us keep your garden in check and looking lovely. We'll do the lawn-mowing, weeding and planting so that you relax and enjoy it. 


Sometimes having someone to sit and chat with, watch a film or go for a walk with can be just what you need to brighten up your day. Our personal assistants home can spend time with you doing whatever you feel like doing, providing the company and reassurance you need. We can help you to meet friends, plan a trip or join a new group.   


Pet care

We understand how important  your pets are and will provide companionship and care for small pets in their own homes.


Stay in touch with friends and enjoy social activities. We can provide transport and accompany you to social activities, day trips or appointments.

Emergency support and safety 

We can all find ourselves in difficult situations and it can be difficult to find help at short notice, we're happy to step in simply call us. 


Our Safety Policy means that if a client is at risk ,or vulnerable, and doesn't answer the door, we do not walk away. Staff follow pre-agreed procedures and will not leave until they know that you, or your loved ones, are safe. 

Independent living comes from having help and support at hand whenever it’s needed.
We’re really proud of the work we do and what our help means for our customers and their families.