We invest in training and learning support because we want our staff and trainees to feel confident to help others and to achieve their personal and career goals. 

Trainees bring a range of skills and life experiences to their roles. They  are supported by qualified and experienced staff to gain confidence, work experience, certificates and qualifications in a number of areas. These include:

Community work

Social Care

First Aid Level Pre-entry to level 3 

Safeguarding Pre-entry / Introduction to Level 2

Food Safety in Catering Pre -entry /Introduction to Level 2 

Work skills :Housekeeping, Catering, Gardening, Customer Service and Pet Care 


Additional learning support can be provided to enable trainees to achieve learning and personal development plans.  

Qualified staff hold: 

Training and assessor awards to teach and assess adult learning

Leadership and Management Diploma Health and Social Care 

Health & Safety

First Aid 


Food Safety in Catering 

The Care Certificate standards 

Skill specialism eg Care, Catering,Hospitality, Horticulture,Joinery etc 


Team qualifications and professional experience, gained over 30 years: 

Management: Leadership and Management Health and Social Care for Adults and Young People 

Tutors: Teaching, Assessment and Social work qualifications and experience 

Business advice: Business advice ILM, SFEDI endorsed, to make sure we mange our operations efficiently and effectively 

Operational staff: Care, Hospitality, Catering, Gardening, Horticulture, Joinery and Community development